Swimming is one of the best activities as it offers the opportunity to train almost every part of our body at the same time, no matter our age or fitness level. It is also one of the most effective ways to either relax or warm up for a more intense and demanding workout.

At Sakkis Sporting Center you are able to choose between a wide variety of swimming options for the whole family and experience our awesome heating swimming pool.



Relieve pain and increase relaxation with Hydrotherapy at Sakkis Sporting Center!

Hydrotherapy can increase muscle relaxation, blood circulation and reduce muscle spasms. Furthermore, the resistance of water can improve muscle strength and tone, reduce swelling and facilitate the recovery from injuries, surgeries, illnesses, back pains, arthritis and fibromyalgia.


At Sakkis Sporting Center, we believe that no one is too young to learn how to swim. Thus, we offer swimming lessons for kids no matter their skill levels. We aim in offering an excellent learning experience to every child with either private or group tutoring.

Our swimming teachers are certified members of the Cyprus Sports Organization. They are always eager to share their knowledge while providing a safe, friendly and pleasant swimming environment and ensuring the progress of each one of their students.


When you introduce your baby to swimming early, it prepares her or him to be a confident swimmer later in life. We provide a gentle introduction to swimming in the most playful and safe environment in which both parents and babies have a lot of fun!

Swimming is a natural experience for babies, and the planned activities offered by the experienced trainers of Sakkis Sporting Center will achieve much more than letting your baby splash about!

Our Baby Swimming program is ideal for babies aged from 6 months to 3 years old. It is organized and overseen by certified baby swimming trainers. Parents are also a part of the exercise as they swim with their babies and help them train.


Discover the fitness benefits of aqua aerobics!

Aqua aerobics consists of typical aerobic exercises in a swimming pool. The classes focus on endurance, resistance training and creating an enjoyable atmosphere with music. It is a great way to mix up a traditional gym workout with the wondrous benefits of water. You will notice a big difference in your overall fitness after only a few aqua aerobics sessions!