We are offering karate training and belt licensing in small groups and in private, for adults and children.

The obvious benefit from learning karate is the improvement of physical health. The student learns to exercise regularly several times a week, which is one of the most useful lifetime habits. This results in balancing blood pressure and circulation, lowering the cholesterol level, and reducing the number of visits to the doctor and all medical expenses. Moreover the student gets flexible muscles and joints, which increases the chances for surviving car accidents with fewer injuries when compared to a person who does not train karate.

Furthermore, karate results in the improvement of mental health. After two hours of exhaustive karate workout the student feels totally spent; all muscles and the entire body get relaxed, which in turn brings back from the memory the firmly coded stress-free state of mind. This is one of the greatest gifts of Nature – a mechanism of recycling psychological stress through exercising. What is more, Karate helps you strengthen your self-confidence, raise your level of energy, focus and concentration and of course master self defense techniques.

At Sakkis Sporting Center you can learn the secrets of Karate by the likes of Marios Sakkis (6 DAN), one of the most highly ranked Karate coaches in Cyprus. Mr. Sakkis is the head coach of the National Karate Team of Cyprus, a certified by KOA trainer and an official referee of the Cyprus Karate Federation.