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Physical exercise is a necessity if one wants to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Improving your fitness levels will considerably increase not only your strength and endurance but your quality of life as well. It helps you develop and maintain your physical fitness and overall health.

We offer a feeling that will redefine what you’ve always thought a gym space should look and feel like. At Sakkis Sporting Center you will find one of the best and most practical gyms on the island. This is the new definition of what a gym is, this is your gym!

It offers you a spacious gym of 550 square meters, equipped with premium HOIST training gear, a wide variety of WOODWAY and BELLAGIO cardio stations, resistance and weights, a multi-function aerobics area of 120 square meters and an RPM room.

Our gym has everything you need to get results

The key to being successful on your fitness journey is having the right support to guide and motivate you. That’s why, at Sakkis Sporting Center, you are supported by our special selected team, with the moto Enjoy, Encouragement and Accountability to keep you motivated.

Training with us is a real pleasure!